055: All Dolled Up

24 02 2010

Recently I’ve been in various conversations about makeup, and I’ve been asked about it because I’m one of the few who wear it almost everyday in school now.

Honestly, I’ve only started wearing makeup a little over a year ago, and it’s really just cheek stain, powder and eye makeup. One of my officemates always puts on eyeliner and retouches during lunchbreak after we brush our teeth in the washroom. I guess that was the start of it. The companies I’ve worked in so far don’t really have a strict rule on attire, so on most days I still wear the clothes I wore in school (except for slippers, we only wear those under our desks).

I used to be averse to the idea of wearing makeup, because my previous experiences with having makeup done in salons (for JS prom, grad ball, debuts) weren’t really pleasant ones, particularly with eyeliner. Is it just me, or is it the life mission of makeup artists to put eyeliner into the innermost recesses of your eyelids? So, yeah. Part of the reason why I learned to put on makeup myself so I wouldn’t have to go through that kind of experience again.

I chose to concentrate on eye makeup because it’s the part of my face that needs a bit more…. POP. I have small eyes, and my line of work/studies keep me up really late so I like how makeup makes me look less sleepy or tired all the time. I use cream-based eyeshadow as a precaution against powder ones getting in my eyes and affecting my contact lenses.  Then I use lip and cheek stain just to give a bit of color to my face. I’m pale and flat-colored without it (no rosy-white glow, no matter how much Ponds I use). Also, I don’t need to buy a makeup brush to apply it (yeah I’m stingy like that).

Speaking of stingy, I don’t buy much. I don’t have makeup palettes or a collection of brushes. I don’t have foundation or concealer. All the makeup I have are less than 200 per item, and I wouldn’t even consider buying anything more expensive than that. Makeup for me isn’t a necessity, but it makes life just a little bit prettier.




One response

3 03 2010

Yep, make-up isn’t a necessity. It accents our pretty features~ Whee! I use eye shadow and colored lip gloss or lip balm. Oh, and cheek stain to accentuate ze cheekbonez. Hehe.

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