053: Nón Lá-mpshade

22 02 2010

This is a Vietnamese straw hat called a nón lá. I think it was bought by my dad when he was on a business trip in Vietnam (ages ago). It was once just lying around the house until we began using it as a lampshade for our ancient defunct lamp to replace its original shade. My mom made me hot glue on the orange ribbon as part of Christmas decorations a couple of years ago, but we never got around to taking it off.

As for the theme of the photo, I was thinking of a sort of sinister Asian character, but I don’t know. The orange fabric ribbon with pine cones isn’t exactly working for me. Hahaha. Actually I was unsure for the whole day as to what I was going to do so I just went about with my business of encoding and before I knew it it was past 11pm already. Good thing I suddenly remembered my 365 so I grabbed the camera, took the lampshade/hat on impulse, and directed the desk lamp at the curtains behind me. tadaa! Instant photo.

The best thing about this particular nón lá is the inside. It has pictures! I’m thinking those are the local TV idols or love team something. So much fun!




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