047: Here In My Corner

16 02 2010

I found a secluded corner in Trinoma. Actually I wasn’t sure if it was okay to take pics so I ducking so the guard (or anybody else) wouldn’t see me. This is the area where they hold mass, I think. I’ve never attended nor seen the mass there but I knew because there were signs like “communion area” around. I set the camera on the floor then ran (with my head ducked) to the wall. It’s so funny XD

Hey, I got to use the orange sandals! They were fine at first, but I started feeling blisters coming around halfway through the day. I bought band-aids. YAY!

That night I went with my parents to the Chinese resto in Crowne Plaza for my aunt’s despedida. Lights on the floor by the window make for funny creepy photos. :p

Finally, it’s parents’ 30th wedding anniversary today! I’ve been planning to buy them the heart-shaped Krispy Kreme donuts, but then I found out through their website that they’ll only be available until the 14th. Wah. But I still went to KK Trinoma just in case, and there they are! YAY!

This’ll be the first and last time I’ll buy KK. -__-




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