043: Mad White Hatter

12 02 2010

Yes, yes, I know. Bad idea, bad photoshopping. but I couldn’t resist! Hahaha I treated myself to some frozen yogurt because I’ve been on tipid-mode for two weeks now, and I did pretty well so far. Plus, White hat has my favorite cheesecake topping (which Red Mango doesn’t have.) and it was nearer with seats than Yoh-gurt Froz in Hobbes and Landes.

Ugh. Just typing this entry makes me crave for another one. NOOOOO tipid tipid tipid

(not shown in photo: choco balls and almond crunch(?) toppings)




2 responses

21 02 2010

I always go to Yoh-gurt Froz, but the name always makes me cringe. LOL. Must try White Hat one of these days.

21 02 2010

walang seating area sa yoh-gurt froz/hobbes & landes trinoma branch, unlike the one in Fort High Street. at walang tao sa white hat! ahaha unlike red mango crowded parati. or maybe dahil mga 11 ako nandun kaya hindi pa frozen yogurt eating time. :p

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