042: OH NOES!

11 02 2010





I made a mistake. I accidentally deleted the folder where I placed the raw image for my 365 today. I did take shots, albeit  in a rush because I was totally wiped out from the wedding yesterday, getting home past midnight and then finding out that my report partner was only able to finish 50% of our presentation so I had to work on it from 1-5am. I had to force myself to get a couple hours of sleep. Then I had to wake up by 6:30 to prepare so I could get to school before 8:30 to finish the report and… and…. do the presentation!


Thankfully I survived that, and the prof liked our presentation a lot. But I almost snapped at my partner who kept asking me questions while I was still finishing up the report. Anyway I’m happy that everything was all good in that class. When I got home I took a few shots then took a bath, copied my 365-ers and the wedding photos to Nanashi (my laptop), resized them, emailed a few of the wedding photos to my boyfriend (who wanted to see how I looked). After emailing the wedding photos, I deleted the folder.

MY 365-ers WERE THERE.


So that’s the story of my deleted shots.

In place of that, I chose a photo taken late at night on the 10th. I figure since it’s almost February 11th anyway I suppose I could pass it off as a photo for the day.

041.5: Dance With Me

Dancing with my cousin’s son at the wedding reception. He’s such a cutie (and such a spoiled baby).

Arrhae bearer at the wedding




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