039: Orange You Glad?

8 02 2010

There was a time when I was sorta obsessed with the Orange-Brown combination. That’s when I bought my belt which was orange on one side and brown on the other. The top which was sent by my cousins in the US was orange and beige, and I made some accessories of the same colors during the time, too (forgot to wear them here). That faded, and is now replaced with other favorite color combos. Recently, though, I’ve been given this red-orange handbag and a pair of sandals of almost the same color (by different people at different occasions). I wouldn’t pick out these items by myself, but now that I have them, I kinda like ’em!

What colors should I pair with these? Ideas are absolutely welcome!

Struggling with the creaking orange chair. The shutter snapped before I could get a proper position




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