018: Mental Gymnastics

18 01 2010

Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision to go back to UP. Not that I’m having a dreadful time, but in terms of career, could I be wasting my time studying interior design when I should be making money and working on my name as an architect? Yesterday I was doing some accounting and I got the shock of my life when I thought that I had no more savings and I was already (unknowingly) using up my boyfriend’s money (which he deposits to my account). It turns out I made a mistake in my calculations, but still my savings have been severely depleted. If I don’t stop spending money as if I were still earning it, then I’ll really end up with zilch.

Sometimes I also wonder if I should’ve gone to PSID instead. Two years there is more expensive than four years in UP, but I’ll finish the course earlier. People always ask me how long it’ll take me to finish ID. Honestly, despite all the credited subjects, I could still take 4 years because of the scheduling of classes. Sure, I can take advanced classes, but some of them have conflicting schedules with the others. I still have no sure-fire guarantee that I’ll finish in two or three years. This is something I’ll have to talk over with my adviser and department head, so we could finalize a program for me that will shave off at least one year of my time in campus.

But my stubbornness keeps me going. I push on because I like what I’m doing now and I really stick to my guns. If I want something, I’ll get it in one way or another, especially with very important things like this. That’s the frame of mind I should really keep.

I picked up something at Quezon Hall this morning. I was planning on going to the Lagoon to take photos, but I ended up in the amphitheater. There weren’t any people nearby, so I didn’t get funny stares or anything. :p

Of course I couldn’t resist doing an Oble.




4 responses

18 01 2010

I certainly don’t think you’re wasting time. And every time I tell someone about you taking up ID, people always go, “Wow, good move!” Since, as you know, this makes you more well rounded. This is completely different from the negative side of being a Jack of all trades because…well…Archi and ID are two trades that are very similar.

…I’m not making sense, am I?

But, don’t worry, dearie. I think we all get a stage of doubt in whatever long-term thing we’re doing. And that’s a wise decision: consulting with the advisers.

Praying for you~ *hug*

18 01 2010

thanks, dear. I guess that’s the thing: it’s pretty long-term. Plus, the idea that I could shorten the time nags at me a lot.

18 01 2010

I hope you don’t mind my question: why ID and not Masters in Architecture?

18 01 2010

tough question, but the simple answer is: I really like ID. I don’t want to be an architect who does the work of an ID without formal education on it. I’m learning a LOT of stuff that I never learned in Arki and would be a big help in my practice. It’s a good combination. That’s all, I thank you, bow.

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