017: Jock Attack

17 01 2010

Whenever I wear this jacket, I get comments like, “cool!” “astig!” and “Rocker chick!!” I suppose the rocker chick comment was because I was wearing a music-themed shirt underneath and my eyes had thick black eyeliner. Haha.. Maybe I’ll do that look some other day. The jacket is actually tailor made for my boyfriend’s basketball team in his (our) ex-office. If you zip it up the letters in the front spell “Silver Team.” Since I was wearing a Champion shirt underneath (see there? “Athletic sports,” it says) I was thinking more of stereotypical high school jock look. LOL. This jock likes to chill out after the championship game. I think I need a couple of cheerleaders under each arm. hmmmm

I wore this outfit to Sunday Mass because I was cold and it was the warmest jacket I had (besides the one I dressed my pillow with). I’m a lot more intolerant to the cold than to warmth, and I’d rather sweat  buckets than shiver. So even if it wasn’t that cold inside the chapel, I didn’t take my jacket off. I like it warm and toasty. 😀




One response

18 01 2010

Cool! Astig! Rocker chick!

… Yeah, I’m original like that.


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