016: Aubergine Chérie

16 01 2010

I went ukay-ukay shopping with Sarah (and my mom) today at the place where Noelle went: Lolo Oboy’s Commercial Center in Anonas LRT2/Aurora. Both Sarah and I aren’t really shoppers, but it was a nice adventure since it was a new place and I always have fun browsing through lots of hilarious clothes then finding little gems of LOVE among them, at a relatively low price! I got the top and skirt at 50 pesos each. Though tired and I only got to buy two items, I had a fun time. I’m definitely going back there someday.

One thing I won’t do again, though, is wear the top and skirt together. Although the look/shape/style is nice, the color combination is a NO. I wouldn’t want to be called “mukhang talong”. Haha

Top and Skirt: Ukay-ukay

Necklace: from my mom, restrung by me.

Headband: another variation of the crochet headband, only it’s yellow-pink-green with leaves and a little tendril. I made this as a gift to my cousin’s wife.

The backdrop is a doorway curtain which I used to cover my bookshelf. It has a moon and little fabric owls on it! I love it so much.

This shot would’ve been lovely if it weren’t for my dirty, dirty feet! That’s what I get from running back and forth between the camera and the futon without any slippers. :p

I thank you, bow!

The title hopefully properly translates to “Eggplant Sweetheart”. The English translation makes me LOL




2 responses

17 01 2010

I didn’t even think of an eggplant LOL. I was too busy admiring your photo composition 😀

AND YEY YOU BOUGHT THE SKIRT! I thought you only got the top. Hehe.

Had fun with you, dearie!

17 01 2010

LOL I don’t let nanay’s opinion sway me so easily. I’m rebellious like that. XD Kidding. I’m used to her not agreeing 100% with my fashion decisions. Sometimes I give in, but most of the time I still do what I want. :p

I had fun, too.. I didn’t know you seriously wanted to buy the Moon shirt. haha!

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