011: Ten-shun

11 01 2010

I took off my jacket, then I remembered I was supposed to take a 365 shot today so I put it back on. For some reason, the messy hair appealed to me.

This jacket is a few years old. When I first got it (my uncle bought it for me), my aunts kept saluting me, probably because of the color and the military-ish look to it. When I wear it, I’m always reminded of that time, so here’s a salute for all.

Jacket: Esprit

T-shirt: Artwork

Jeans: Penshoppe “Flirt”

Belt: homemade ^___^

I also tried a model-ish shot, but the expression in the salute pose WINS. :p

The test shot. LOL I’m a true leftie

In other news, it’s my mom’s birthday! We watched Avatar in SM North IMAX. 3D is so awesome!

Camwhoring with my dad. (LOL did I just say that? That sounded weird.)

I tried to teach him how to “live long and prosper”




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