004: Leftie Life

5 01 2010

“The hand that procrastinates is (rather, will eventually be) a tired hand.”

That’s what I said on my Estudyante Redux blog about today’s events, but on this blog, I say:

“The hand that procrastinates is a dirty hand.”

That’s because I’m a leftie. No matter how careful I am in drawing/inking/painting, I end up with a lot of smudges on the side of my hand (as shown). It’s part of my “marginalized” life, along with right-handed tools like scissors and blade cutters and other implements. Don’t get me wrong, though. I love being a leftie, it’s one of the few cool unique things about me. LOL.

This is me reaping the fruits of my procrastination




2 responses

5 01 2010

Kahit naman ata hindi ka leftie, magkaka-smudges ka sa kamay mo kung hindi ka maingat. (I know, because I get smudges on mine, too. Hehe.)

So mas okay pala sa yo ang right to left writing, parang Japanese? Haha!

5 01 2010

LOL yeah I kinda realized that this morning XD
I think I shouldn’t have said “drawing”, since that takes the hand all around the paper. I have more trouble with writing left to right because my left hand picks up and smudges pencils, ink, paint, etc. messy messy. :p

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