003: I’m not pretty

5 01 2010

You are your own worst critic: absolutely true for me. Although sometimes I look in the mirror and I feel the urge to twirl around and sing a West Side Story song, more often than not I’d cringe when I look at the preview after taking a photo of myself. Then I’d compensate by making faces instead.

But sometimes I go crazy and at the spur of the moment I lock myself in my room with a camera and take photos of myself. For this shot the camera was on a shoe box on my bed, angled slightly by slipping my flat coin purse on one side. I had a gazillion shots before I finally produced some decent-looking ones (although my first shot was kinda nice…because it only had half of my face in it LOL).

With me being a perfectionist, this fashion self-photography is really labor-intensive. On the bright side, this will make my 365 more challenging.

I just bought the shirt and shorts that morning at SM Surplus Shop. Because of the fun patterns, I paired them with my recent favorite zebra stripe shoes (a hand-me-down from my aunt). I applied a bit of Photoshop magic to give the final shot a little mood (which I also did with my previous 2 posts…and probably my subsequent ones).

This explains why my left hand was a blur. I was fanning myself with a cap


This would’ve been a cute shot if it weren’t for my creepy blurred eyes

The first shot I was talking about. Yez, I have freakishly long fingers.

Now that I think of it, the reason why I’m doing these selfies more and more often is because boyfie wanted me to send him pics of myself. I hardly have any solo photos of myself on my hard drive, because I always hide behind the lens.




5 responses

5 01 2010

Eep! Clean closet! I am jealous! I just started my 365 too, I’m not yet that confident to take any selfies but I’m thinking it’s a start. Although, I started on the 4th of this year. 🙂 Good luck!

5 01 2010

clean? what? lol thanks…
good luck to all of us! 😀 I love your food photos! so yummyyyyyyyy *drools*

5 01 2010

Ooooh sex-ay! Naks, fuma-fashion! Haha! The playing shot is so you!

About making faces: you make fun, hilarious, creative, awesome wacky faces. I envy you. I can’t make cute faces to save my life.

5 01 2010

:p I think I have a lot of practice in making faces XD

5 01 2010
005: First day rush « everyday bananas

[…] Although…. when I got home I did do a little cheerleader-y shoot in my room. Inspired by the University of North Texas shirt I wore to school, I even put my hair up in pigtails and wore my pleated miniskirt (which I never use) but none of the pics were satisfying enough (as I said, I’m a perfectionist). […]

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