002: Scenes from Childhood

4 01 2010

The last time I visited Taal Vista Lodge was at my cousin’s wedding last April 2007. But way before that I remember family trips to Tagaytay: usually day trips, sometimes overnight at the Zulueta House, having lunch at some hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Dunkin’ Donuts at the Rotunda, (once) horseback riding, and almost always stopping by Taal Vista Lodge to take pictures of the volcano.

A lot has changed in Tagaytay since I was a child but the view still stays the same.

This is the first time in a long time that I had a spontaneous road trip with my family (that includes cousins and aunts and uncles and nephews and niece). Taal Vista was the 4th location we went to that day and shortly after (taking photos with my parents) we proceeded to Gourmet’s Cafe. I miss those old times when my aunts would just drop by our home one day and ask us if we’re ready to go. “To where?” we’d ask. “To Baguio,” they’d answer, matter-of-factly.

Other photos

I like the wind effect on my hair

I was told I was blocking the volcano so I had to move over

Thanks to my tatay for taking pics.




2 responses

5 01 2010

I like the windy shot! You can see Taal Volcano peeking behind you ^_^

Tagaytay is a place of my childhood that we rarely go now. Er…okay, so we went there on New Year’s Day on the way back from Cavite, but we *rarely* go there now. Hehe. So when I think of Tagaytay, I think of my childhood, too!

I lurve your hat.

5 01 2010

the windy shot was actually my first choice (hence the bit of photoshop action going on), but I’m square as Sponge Bob when I’m facing front (i.e. I have no curves)…so I went with the other one :p

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