001: Slow Dance

4 01 2010

I dressed up my pillow with my warm-and-comfy Old Navy sweater and turned it into my sleeping/hugging partner. I do this when I miss my boyfriend and I need something to hug and cry on. Sometimes I spray it with my boyfriend’s cologne so when I close my eyes it actually feels like he’s there.

Boyfie left to work abroad for a year. He’s been away since August 14, 2009. Now I have 8 and a half more months left to wait. In the meantime, I have my pillow.

I know, it’s kind of a sad start. But that’s my life right now. I’m catching up a bit because until yesterday I was undecided if I should do a 365, so I hope nobody minds the batch upload.

I just woke up when I took this photo, because walking around my room with the pillow in my arms is part of my morning ritual. No frills, just real life (but I did crop out my funny shorts because it’s so… pambahay. LOL).

Boyfie’s substitute for a year




3 responses

5 01 2010

Awwww 😦 *HUG* Nice shot, dearie. I love how the angle of your pillow actually looks like a person hugging you. And the lighting, roughness of the photo, and your facial expression are just LOVE.

Sad, yes, but it’s a good and honest start.

5 01 2010

I had to tie the sleeves in a knot so they’d stay that way for this shot. You should’ve seen me setting up the cam and walking around the room with a pillow tied around me. XD

17 01 2010
017: Jock Attack « everyday bananas

[…] wore this outfit to Sunday Mass because I was cold and it was the warmest jacket I had (besides the one I dressed my pillow with). I’m a lot more intolerant to the cold than to warmth, and I’d rather sweat  buckets […]

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