To 365 or not? That is the question

3 01 2010

The first of January 2010 marks a new year and a new decade. Gone are the “Noughties” and in comes the…. 365-ers? I see a lot of people on my plurk timeline starting their own 365 projects. Last year, the only person on my timeline who had a 365 self-portrait project was Helga.

I actually did my own 365 last year, but I didn’t start on January 1st. I actually started at September 1, 2008, taking at least one photo everyday. I began uploading my daily shots at my multiply account until I discovered tumblr, where I moved in and established dailyPuto. The problem was, I totally forgot when my first day was so I uploaded photos past Sept 1, 2009. FAIL. haha

Going back to my original question, which I also asked on plurk, I had originally planned on making a new 365 on January 1st, but seeing so many others I know doing their own 365’s, I was sort of put off.Β This reminded me of something I told my dad a few days ago: “Ayoko na mag-Starbucks, everybody goes there now.” I have a tendency to dislike or avoid things once they become popular. I’m a rebel by reflex.

But my best friend Sarah, who was the only one who answered my query, said, “don’t let the popularity of it stop you from doing what you want.” I realized she did have a good point. I wanted to do it, so I’ll do it.

Besides, it’s not like 365-ing wasn’t being done by many before. Many other people in many other countries have been doing it before and it didn’t stop me from making my own, right? So this year shouldn’t be any different. Though I’ll be a bit delayed in the uploading today, I’ll definitely have something for everyday.

What’s my theme, then? At first I had planned on just continuing my dailyPuto thing, which was to take a photo everyday. But then where’s the challenge in that? My first photos for the year were leaning towards self photos, so I was thinking of continuing that. But I’m not exactly a selfie kind of person. So far my forays into self-portraiture included locking myself in my room and propping a camera on plastic containers and shoe boxes, using the 10-second timer to take gazillions of shots because I’m never satisfied with my looks on cam.

This morning while I was at the mall I had an idea to write down a theme/craft/activity for everyday on a calendar and I’ll do just that on that specific day. The product will become my 365 thingy for the day. How about that?

And with that, I begin: Create Fantasy 365




4 responses

3 01 2010

this is a real challenge. sino ba nag-imbento nito? hahaha.

anyway, goodluck with this. i personally will not put myself up into this task. it’s quite a burden. πŸ™‚ but as long as you find joy in this, then i support you. and i guess, i’ll look forward to your photos everyday.

5 01 2010

ayon nga kay Sarah, si Taylor McKnight daw ang nag imbento ( hahaha
It’s a burden/challenge at times, especially if I have a lot of other stuff to do, but I get a kick out of it so it’s fun πŸ™‚
Thanks ^_^

5 01 2010

Ang nag-imbento nito ay ang isang mamang nagngangalang Taylor McKnight. Wala yata siyang kinalaman kay Brian McKnight. Pero ewan ko lang. Malay natin. Haha!

Yey, Sara, you started it, too! Let’s encourage each other if and when we get stumped in this project, yes? ^_^

5 01 2010

Yay! I started it thanks to your response πŸ™‚ hehe I’m one text away if you run out of ideas πŸ™‚
LOL talagang nagresearch ka pa kung sino nagimbento ha.. hehe cool. Taylor McKnight’s 365 looks like my dailyPuto πŸ˜€

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