I FAIL with Heels

24 11 2009

If you are observant and you know me well enough, you’ve probably noticed that I almost never wear heels. For most of my life until early college I’ve worn rubber shoes everywhere. Later on, I learned to wear slippers to school since it was comfortable and permissible. One time I was leaving home for school and somebody said, “you forgot your shoes!” but I really intended to wear my house slippers to school. As for sandals and heels, I’d only wear them if they were required for the occasion (e.g. weddings, formal events, presentations, etc.).

This isn’t 100% by choice, though. I do love wearing flats and rubber shoes because they’re comfortable, and I veer away from heels because my feet blister easily (blisters are really painful) and I often get cramps at the arches of my feet (cramps are really painful, too). Despite all this, I secretly envy those who can wear heels regularly. There are so many interesting designs I’d love to try for myself but can’t, and then there are people who walk with heels as naturally as they would barefoot. How unfair is that?! Whenever I get the chance, I try on lots of different high heeled shoes, seeing how pretty my feet would look wearing them… and then I’d remember how painful my feet would feel at the same time.

It doesn’t help that  I have an aunt who has a lot of nice shoes and is coincidentally the same shoe size as I am. I’ve inherited quite a number of footwear from her and I can’t say I’ve used them very often. Actually I haven’t used most of them. Some have already begun to disintegrate due to underuse. So before the second semester started, I decided that I should try to wear all of the shoes I have at least once.

Today I did my first attempt at wearing heels to school. It’s a black Naturalizer sandal with 1-1/2 inch heels (inherited from the aforementioned aunt) which is relatively comfortable that’s why I decided to start with that.

The result: The moment I stepped out of the car at 8:30am, my heel slipped and out popped one of the straps. Good thing it was attached to the other straps, so I could conceal the FAIL easily. But then before midday two more strap ends have popped out. Note the stitching on the sole. It’s actually a repair/reinforcement done before (i.e. it’s not part of the original shoe), but the stitches don’t reach the part where the last straps are attached. So I guess that was part of the fail.

I ended up buying a pair of slippers during lunch hour because I was already feeling a cramp coming on and just now I saw I have a blister on my left pinky. As a compromise, though, the slippers I bought had a slight heel to it. LOL

Experiment FAIL, nontheless.


Does anybody have tips for me to help me be more comfortable with heels? Anything would be much appreciated. 😉




2 responses

25 11 2009

Ack! Maybe the straps gave because the sandals weren’t new? (Or were they?)

I can’t give you advice about heels, though. I stay away from them because I don’t need anymore altitude haha. But I do wear low ones (like, 1-inch heels). But first I make sure to put leather…softening thingies on it — dunno what it’s called; my dad has a can — so my feet won’t hurt.

25 11 2009

Um, yez they’re old. One of the reasons why I’m trying to use them is because they’re disintegrating in my closet.
You mean some sort of leather conditioner? At first I thought you were talking about like a Dr. Scholl’s kind of insole, but then you mentioned a CAN. huh..
Thanks, tho 🙂

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