The Original Lola Techie

30 10 2009

Bayantel’s Lola Techie made her debut on local TV earlier this year as a grandmother reprimanding her grandson for not responding to her online messages. It was a good laugh, and expressed the new Bayan DSL’s marketing strategy effectively (i.e. their internet is so easy, a grandmother can use it) while promoting reconnecting with your elders through the Innarnets at the same time.

This morning I picked up and reread Carlo Vergara’s Zsazsa Zaturnnah just for kicks. At the end of the comic (Epilog), I found out something important: Aling Britney is the original Lola Techie!!

Here’s the proof:


:p LOLz


The awesum and smexy Zsazsa Zaturnnah is owned by Carlo Vergara and no one else




2 responses

12 04 2010

Goodness!! πŸ™‚

12 04 2010

goodness, indeed! It’s CarVer himself! πŸ˜€

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