10 06 2009

Since I’ve gotten so much free time, most of it is spent online and in front of the TV. …or both at the same time. Haha. Of course that’s not all I do.. I eat and sleep too, you know. Anyway, here’s the shows that I found I look forward to watching:

a. Mythbusters (Discovery Channel) – It’s just amusing. And funny when they mess up. Sometimes I pick up a new concept, or learn a new explosive compound, but mostly it’s just fun to watch. 

b. Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide (Nickelodeon) – This show is nice. It’s entertaining (with eccentricities and exaggerations), and useful. I’ve been watching it before (Ned was a little baby LOL), but since work I haven’t had much TV time besides weekends. Now I get to watch it everyday (if I remember). Favorite characters: Moze (best friend) and Gourdy (school janitor), Vice Principal almost made it, tho.

c. iCarly (Nickelodeon) – This one is new. When the show first started I ignored it but since it’s right after Ned’s show, I catch it and found it okay. The show is corny a lot of times, but Nathan Kress and Jerry Trainor makes up for it (haha fangirling). Favorite characters: Freddie and Spencer (of course)

d. How It’s Made (Discovery Channel) – Though I see a lot of reruns, I like watching the short segments of how everyday stuff is made.

Lastly, there’s another show I’ve been waiting for: Penguins of Madagascar! I can’t wait!

Most of the other shows I just browse through and if I see something interesting, I stop. YAY ME!




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