banana love

4 06 2009

I was channel surfing and I caught this Nigella Lawson show on Discovery Travel and Living channel. She took out a zip-lock bag with frozen bananas in it, and she was saying something about breakfast. Anyway, she put in in a blender with a bunch of other stuff (and I was drooling more by the second), blitzed the mush-up of ingredients, poured it into a thermos and ran out of the kitchen.

I couldn’t find the recipe from her own site, but I did find the name (Go Get ‘Em Smoothie) and a personalized version through google and this blog (it’s all the way down at the bottom of the post).

anyway, here’s what I remember from that quick segment (without the exact measurements):

Frozen banana, sliced (or not) =>no need for ice because it’s frozen


instant espresso powder (Nescafé, Cafe Puro, etc)

Chocolate Malt powder (Milo, Ovaltine… maybe Bear Brand Choco?)


Give it a buzz on the blender until smooth and “decant” (as I hear Nigella saying a lot) into your preferred container.

Apparently, this dude thinks otherwise and totally trashes Nigella, her show, and particularly her smoothie recipe. From the photo I can see he’s dealing with vewwwwy sewyus ishues here… LOLz. I investigated a little, and I didn’t find a “Smoothie” definition that says it ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE BERRIES (by definition, or so he says), nor any that rules out milk as an ingredient. He clearly doesn’t have a clue as to what indulgent comfort food is, which is what Nigella’s shows emphasize: luxury and comfort you can eat. Sure, smoothies are mainly/originally marketed as healthy drinks, but would the smoothie police arrest you for changing up a mix for personal satisfaction?

If I had any critique for her recipe it would be that cleaning up afterwards would take longer than making the drink (unless your home and environment is pest free and you can just leave dirty dishes lying around until you get back home from work).

…And he really should learn how to spell “know” properly.

cucumber banana!




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