drum to infinity

2 06 2009

I was researching on drumstick tips as reference for something I’m planning to make, so I went over to the Zildjian website and viewed their drumstick product line. According to the type of Tip, there were the following:

Long Oval
Saturn Ring

These tips are made of Wood the same as the stick, and most of them are also available in Nylon. Of course there were also the specialty stuff like the Double-Stick Mallet (one end was a regular tip while the butt end was a mallet, a big round thing), the Bundle rods and the Wire brushes.

But where are the other mallet things that orchestras and marching bands used? I didn’t know what they were called so I googled “drumstick tips” and found two more sites: Percussion Source and Drum Bum. What did I find? A PLETHORA of more drumstick types. These sites did have a wider range because it was a source for all percussion supplies and accessories. In Percussion Source, they had  679 types of sticks, brushes and mallets available according to their categories and usage. WOW. That’s a lot more than I need. And I don’t even have to start on Drum Bum‘s collection. They even have glow-in-the-dark ones and giant drumsticks!

I suppose I got what I needed….and more!




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